The All New SIC XRS – Flat Water Race Board

The design concept for the XRS developed from our highly successful X Series flatwater board,
perhaps designed ahead of its time, when the market was focusing on all-water designs.
The XRS is now the latest release of a specialist flat water board, fusing the “X” name with
the award-winning RS.

In a world full of cross-over boards, the XRS race board is a master of one thing – flat water
racing. Purpose-driven, the XRS provides the best possible length to the width aspect ratio,
delivering a stable platform for a racer to power up for speed.

The flat bottom with the proportionally wide tail offers this foundation, and with an effective
waterline, the XRS allows paddlers to achieve unrivalled acceleration. It’s a purebred board
with a one-track mind: to beat the clock, to win!

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