About SIC Maui UK

SIC is made up of passionate paddlers, at all levels of ability and each of us loves different aspects of paddling. But we all want a board that feels like an extension of ourselves, a board that gives us the confidence to paddle the wind, the surf or just to feel the glide. We know that you are looking for these same experiences. So we have built a great line of boards, catering to different levels of paddlers, and different styles of paddling. Our board line goes from high-end performance all the way to the everyday paddler and we even have the youth covered. Come experience the love that we put into shaping and designing our boards, for the shared love of paddling.

Distributed by Maxtrack

SIC MAUI UK is a part of Maxtrack. We have been distributing watersports products for over a decade. Our offices and warehouse are in the UK. We are here to help make sure you buy the right board and are here to support you in case of any problems.

Customer Service

We do our utmost to provide the best customer service and product support possible. We are very involved within the industry too. However things do go wrong and mistakes are made. If you have any problems we will go out of our way to help you out.