Glide Centres

SIC Glide Centres are dealers who have a selection of demo boards available for you to test and have a good knowledge of the SIC range. These are specialist dealers who will be able to offer technical advice and recommend the right board for you. With a big range of boards and disciplines not all dealers will be a specialist in every area. In land and coastal locations offer very different conditions. If in doubt give us a call to help point you in the right direction.


Blue Chip SUP School

Based in and around London Piotr and his team have a great selection of SIC models available to try. As well as plenty of boards to test they offer tuition and guiding as well as running a paddle club and social events.

Location: London

Phone: 020 7993 2036

Get on the Water

Gareth and co are based in Cardiff and have a wealth of experience paddling around the World. They have a strong knowledge when it comes to open water and surf. They have helped advise and outfit Jordan Wylie and the Great British Paddle.  

Location: Cardiff

Phone: 029 22 362 362


The SUP Company

Tony and his team have a great set up with a showroom and testing facilities onsite. They have plenty of boards available to try and can offer great advice.

Location: Southampton

Phone: 023 8017 2189


The SUP Store

Saviour built his reputation as the go to guy for repairs in the SUP world as well as a key part of the local BaySUP scene. He has expanded his operation to include the SUP Store and uses his knowledge to make sure you get the best board for you.

Location: Bournemouth

Phone: 07857 268918