Paddleboarding is a lot of fun. It is also a very accessible way for a lot of people to get out and enjoy themselves with their friends and families in the water. Whilst it is very easy to learn the basics of SUP, without some awareness of your surroundings and your limitations, you can also find yourself in trouble. With increasing headlines about rescues of people on paddleboards, the team at SUPBOARDER MAG have put together a SUP safety campaign called SUP SAFE.

Their video Series below covers all the basics:

Wind and weather – how this affects your paddling
Location – are your in a suitable location to paddle
Tides – key in all coastal locations
Rivers – what to look out for
Clothing – dressing for the conditions
Personal Flotation – something to consider.
Communication – letting people know where you are and who to contact in an emergency
Equipment – is your gear maintained and up for the job

Thanks to the team at SUPBOARDER MAG for assembling this guide.

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