SUP Connect Review the SIC Air-Glide RS 12’6

The team at SUP Connect have been testing out the SIC Air-Glide RS 12’6 and have published their findings! This is the inflatable version of our flagship allwater race board the RS aka the Rocket Ship.

This is what they had to say:

SIC Maui runs with the slogan ‘Best in Class’ and no doubt this is a best-in-class inflatable. It takes after the racing shape of it’s composite counter part and on the bottom of the board you even have two features that mimic the channels to help the board track. The tail on the board is a bit wider which help to make it more stable and the graphics stick to the minimalist and elegant look that SIC Maui is known for. The construction is very nice and seems quite durable, having reinforced rails and rocker. The board has lots of add-on’s with bungees and attachment points making the board more versatile. The package is beautiful all around — from the box to the backpack and pump. In summary, if you want a best-in-class inflatable that is one of the best the SUP market has on offer for racing then you’re going to want to consider this as your board.

Read the full SUP Connect RS Air-Glide Review

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