SIC Okeanos review

SUP Connect review the Okeanos

The team at SUP Connect have published their review of the SIC Okeanos – our composite touring model. Here is what they had to say:

If we could describe the SIC Maui Okeanos in one word it would be: fun. The Okeanos is brand new model for SIC Maui that we’re really stoked on. Primarily meant for touring, the Okeanos is really stable and has a huge traction pad area that allows you to move towards the nose and tail with ease. The way the volume is distributed throughout the board makes for a very stable platform so you can have fun all throughout the board whether you are doing fancy footwork or loading it up with gear. The graphics branch out from what SIC has done in the past and add a bit more flare to the look of the board but keeping it classy. If you’re looking for a board that allows you to take on an extra passenger where you’re still able to paddle a decent distance with no problem (~5ish miles) or if you want to paddle solo where you can cover a bit more distance (~10, 20, 30ish miles) this is your board. The board works best primarily in flat water in a very competent way.

Read the full SUP Connect SIC Okeanos Review.

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