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Seychelle’s Top Tips for Getting Back into Paddling

Seychelle always gives so many helpful tips for paddlers! Here are some for those getting back onto the water after a long hiatus –

“This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a couple of tips I wanted to share based off my own paddling and coaching experience

  • Take longer warm ups that you normally would. Your body will find its rhythm again, but this takes time. Warm ups are the best time to focus on technique, connection, and grace. Do some drills, paddle some Ks, and make sure your heart rate is elevated and aerobic system primed before beginning your workout.
  • Stick to lower level paddling primarily for a couple of weeks. At @pdlmnstr We offer custom and group training programs for paddlers. Folks that join our group programs mid way through a training phase, I always have them modify the program a bit to ease their way in to a full training load. Make sure your paddling feels good, is smooth and efficient before trying to “go fast.” The reality is, you likely won’t feel fast for a few weeks, so don’t worry yourself too much about that.
  • Celebrate EVERY step, accomplishment, and small victory along the way. Always find something to feel good about or proud of. This is the positive motivation and reinforcement that keeps us coming back for more.
    Note what needs improvement, but also note what went really well for you.
  • Try to find nice conditions to paddle in. I’m all about some choppy upwind/downwind conditions and making sure to have some training days in the “rough stuff” however, if you’ve been off the water or training program for a while, it will be much easier to accomplish the items above in calmer conditions. Dialing in technique, feeling good about the way you are paddling, mentally and physically this is helpful when just starting out or getting back in to your game.”

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