Mark Salter

SIC Welcomes Mark Salter to the UK Team

We are proud to have Mark join the SIC UK Race Team where he will of course be paddling the RS. Mark is stepping up into the 14′ category after coming 1st place in the GB Sup Technical Series and 2nd place in the GBSUP Distance Series in the 12’6 division last season.

Mark competed for the first time in the USA this year, winning a 2nd place at the Florida Paddle League’s Treasure Coast Paddle Battle in Fort Pierce. 2020 is looking to be a short season but having entered two regional races for the first time on a 14ft board with a 1st and a 2nd place it is looking promising. Mark will also be entering the Hayling Island Challenge, Exe Hammer and SUP The Creek races as well as competing at the epic 220km 11 Cities SUP Tour in the Netherlands.

SUP, Outside of Racing
As well as SUP racing, Mark loves to adventure and has been fortunate to paddle all over the World from remote islands in Cambodia to Corsica, Greece, France, Slovenia, Ibiza and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. His wife Cassie is an excellent endurance paddler and coach. Having paddled across Scotland together, and spending a lot of time on the canals and lakes of England, Wales and Scotland they are always planning their next big trip and have discussed paddling the Yukon River Challenge together. His ultimate goal would be to paddle over 1,000km through Europe.

Here are some thoughts from Mark on SUP and Racing:

SUP Ethos
I’ve only positive things to say about SUP– from the health benefitting, stress relieving, scenic adventures that I’ve been fortunate enough to partake in, to the thrill of racing, it’s just the perfect way to spend free time. Paddle Boarding brings people together – The friendships that we’ve made; we never would have met such a wonderful and kind set of people without Paddle Boarding. We’re blessed.

Thanks & Praise
I’d very much like to thank and appreciate the organisers for the events. The GBSUP Series events in particular are outstanding and for all of us that race, we’re having the time of our lives. Please keep doing what you do for many years to come.

Praise also to my wife Cassie Salter who dedicates every single day to growing the sport. She’s a superb coach and positive influence on many people’s lives. She’s built an awesome community in Nottingham. It’s a massive friendship group who support and cheer-on at the races. It’s amazing to hear that when you’re on the water. It really keeps you going.

SIC Team Riding
I’m extremely excited to race with and represent SIC Maui as a new team rider. It’s a beautiful looking brand with the highest quality kit and boards. I was a huge fan of them since trying one when the APP visited London in 2018. Seychelle very kindly lent me her 14×23 in Florida and I was hooked. I now ride the 14×23 SIC RS on choppy days and the marvellous 14×21.5 SIC RS for flat events. The support from SIC Maui has been exceptional.

Follow Mark online @saltersup

Photo credit: Ollio Moss

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